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Adult ages 17+
Child ages 3-16

Winemaking has been a way of life in Frascati since Ancient Roman times

Just 30 minutes from Rome lies the historic town of Frascati, nestled in the hills known to locals as the Castelli Romani where your guide will meet you at 4:30 PM as your train pulls into the station.

The first stop is a locally renowned 16th century Farmhouse, vineyard and winery where you will enjoy a guided visit by the owners, winemakers for multiple generations. Tour the wine cellar and Roman age caves, then see how age old winemaking traditions have been maintained through the years and incorporated into the modern production of today’s highly sought after DOCG wines (don’t worry, you’ll learn what all those initials mean too!).

While you relax on the terrace, take in the unforgettable view of the rolling hills and Rome in the background and enjoy a guided tasting of three wines; Frascati Superiore DOCG, Red Vagnolo IGT and Sweet Cannellino DOCG while each one is described in detail and accompanied by delectable local extra virgin olive oil and baked goods from the local bakery.

Experience a Storybook Town, the True Heart of Italy

Stroll around this storybook town with it’s cobblestone streets bustling with locals and experience the real heart of Italy.

After the winery, you will be driven to the charming medieval center of Frascati where you will stroll along cobblestone streets and learn about the town’s incredibly rich history: from its Ancient Roman origins to the dramatic bombings during WW2. The spectacular sunset over Rome is a sight you won’t soon forget.

Eat as the Locals do: Le Fraschette!

The Frascati Wine Taverns are called ‘Fraschette’ and only serve Frascati wine… so first we’ll head to the market square of Frascati where your guide will order up marinated vegetables, fresh bread, pizza, slow-roasted pork and wine cookies from the oldest bakery in town. Meet the local artisans and shop owners who love to share their stories and their products with our guests. You will feel like a local, taken under the wing of a native of Frascati who knows everybody in town!

Dinner al Fresco

Dinner will be enjoyed in charming piazza San Rocco in the center of ancient Frascati.

Dine outdoors in the charming piazza San Rocco in Frascati. Your guide will help prepare your picnic style dinner and serve everyone both the DOCG Frascati Superiore from the winery as well as the local house white wine which is light and refreshing.

The cool breeze makes this spot a favorite with locals and the picnic tables around you will soon fill up with the merry sounds of Italians singing and laughing and drinking outside. Savour the experience of eating just like the locals around you in the piazza. After dinner, the train station is just a 5 minute walk from the piazza for your return to Rome.