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Quick Details


  • View Michelangelo’s remarkable Sistine Chapel before the general public
  • Early access and top rated guides make this tour a clear winner for best value
  • Skip-the-line access to both the Vatican Museums AND St. Peter’s Basilica
Adult Ages 18+
Child Ages 6-17
Infant Ages 0-5

Skip the line and enter the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel one full hour before the general pub.

Beat the crowds and enjoy skip-the-line entry to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel at the quietest time of the day. On this special access tour, our expert guide will accompany you through the Vatican Museums, the rooms of Raphael and the Sistine Chapel a full 60 minutes before opening to the general public and 30 minutes before opening to other accredited tour operators.

As you stroll through the former Papal residences your guide will point out major works of art dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome and explain the role these ancient pieces played in inspiring the future artistic genius of Renaissance Italy. Much of this tour will be dedicated to the awe-inspiring Rooms of Raphael and the majestic Sistine Chapel, from its commissioning to the finishing touches applied by none other than Michaelangelo Buonarroti. You will hear the true life story of this fascinating yet tormented artist who considered himself a sculptor and not a painter yet dedicated countless years of his life painting frescoes on a ceiling 44 feet high. Learn of the physical and psychological damage inflicted on the artist as your guide helps you to discern between myth, fact, and popular Hollywood fiction regarding this epic work of art.

After ample time gazing up at the world’s most famous ceiling, choose whether to take advantage of tour operator priority access to St. Peter’s Basilica or remain inside the museums to explore some of the remaining 1400 galleries of art at your own pace.