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Private Tour

Rome Colosseum tour

This is the de facto, fully private tour of the majestic Colosseum of Rome with your own expert archaeologist guide.

No other Rome tour comes close to unearthing as much history of the Colosseum as this two-hour walk into a bygone world when men and beasts clashed for the pleasure of the people of Rome!

Meet your archaeologist guide beside Trajan’s Column, its beguiling bas-relief a story which tells all passers-by of his victories in the Dacian Wars (101 – 106 AD).

From there, we approach the Roman Forum and stroll back in time to the core of Rome in antiquity. This is where historical fact blurs with mythology. Most emperors were adored and adorned, others slain, several forgotten, some deified! You will hear the best-known names such as Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Mark Antony; indeed, the full historical scope of Imperial Rome and the Roman Republic which preceded it will be delivered by your expert archaeologist guide.

Just a few steps away, the mighty Colosseum awaits. Enjoy privileged skip-the-line entrance granted to you by us through the Gladiator’s Gate. Once inside, you will be able to walk across the original arena floor with your guide, marveling at the 360-degree view of the Icon of Rome while hearing about the making of a gladiator and what the games meant to Romans.

After exploring each level and all the views, your guide will leave you to explore further on your own should you wish. After the Colosseum, make your way over to the Palatine Hill, where, according to the legend of Romulus and Remus, two baby boys washed ashore on the banks of the River Tiber and grew up to found the great city of Rome.