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Adult ages 18-99
Child ages 6-17
Infant ages 0-5

Rome and fast-track Colosseum tour

This extended tour visits all the major squares and fountains in the historic center, traverses the expanse of the ancient Roman Forum, and culminates deep inside the mighty Colosseum with a walkabout on the original gladiatorial arena floor!​​

Meet your guide in the heart of Baroque Rome and catch the best works of Bernini and Borromini! The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia come next with plenty of bustling Roman life and atmosphere en route!​​

At Trajan’s Column, a commemorative monument to Emperor Hadrian’s victory in Dacia, beautifully represented in its serpentine bas-relief, we rest for a short while before continuing on with a stroll around the Roman Forum archaeological area. This is where you will learn about Rome’s rise to power and the inevitable fall of the Caput Mundi, the great ancient city of Rome.​

A short walk away lies the Icon of Rome, the Colosseum! Here, it is hard to avoid large groups of other travelers at any time of day, however, our experienced guide will steer you away from all of them and walk you around the circumference of the amphitheater, pointing out all the highlights and curiosities before leading you inside through the Gladiator’s Gate. A far less populous entrance with no waiting time and no stress.​

Behind the Gladiator’s Gate, you will find yourself standing on the original Colosseum arena floor where gladiators killed or were killed. You will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire edifice including the underground chambers which are better seen and understood from above. ​”Heart of Rome & the Colosseum Gladiator’s Gate” is the all-in-one ancient and historic Rome tour for cost-conscious travelers!