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Please note: The Gladiator Gate and Arena floor may be closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. If unavailable, the tour will enter the Colosseum main arena.

Adult ages 18-99
Child ages 6-17
Infant ages 0-5

Visit the Colosseum Arena

Walk in the footsteps of gladiators and perhaps even the gods that ruled Rome in antiquity! Wander through the most important temples, shrines and basilicas that make the Roman Forum such an amazing place. Soon thereafter, your guide whisks you away from the busy main Colosseum entrance to the hugely impressive Gladiator Gate and arena floor. This is where gladiators killed and survived or died for the pleasure of others.

This once brutal place is now the perfect spot to observe the scale and beauty of the Colosseum. Your guide relates fascinating anecdotes about the Colosseum before leaving you to wander until closing time.